Shiv-Lakshmi’s confrontation to add drama in Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee

Star Plus Dopahar has been making afternoons definitely special for all.
Soon, viewers will get to see a lot of interesting and exciting drama coming up in Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee (Shoonya Productions).
As readers would know, Shiv (Kanwar Dhillon) had to forcibly get married to Aastha (Tina Philip). Shiv, who was in the impression that he had confessed about him being in love with Radhika (Palak Purswani), to Aastha, was in a shock when she did not refuse for the marriage.
And now, in the upcoming episodes, his mother Lakshmi (Manasi Salvi) will finally confront Shiv and also reveal that he had shared about Radhika to her, and not Aastha.
OMG! Shocking, isn’t it?
Shared a source, “Lakshmi will confess to Shiv that she knew about his feelings for Radhika, but knowing well that Aastha is the best girl for him, she got him married to her. Shiv, though heartbroken and angry will not dare to go against his mother.”
But he will further pledge to break his marriage with Aastha but will decide to make it not look too evident.
What will happen next? Will Shiv manage to break free or will Aastha win over him?

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