Rohit Khurana to don the role of grown up Shani

COLORS’ larger-than-life mythological show Karmphal Data Shani has won viewers’ hearts with its action packed drama, compelling characters and captivating storyline. The show is now all set to witness the leap of ten years, after which Rohit Khurana will be seen in the role of grown up Shani.
Speaking about the role, Rohit Khurana, said, “I am very excited and a bit nervous about the role. It is the first time that I will be playing a mythological character. The role is very challenging and comes with a great responsibility. I am looking forward to playing this character and hope the viewers will support me in this new venture.”
Shani will return to Sooryalok with a totally different personality from what we have seen so far. This Shani is completely detached and doesn’t care about any relations nor his padvi – someone who is neither regretful nor delighted to be back. His mother who was closest to him, now holds a grudge against Shani for being responsible for Bhadra’s death.
With Shani’s return, will his estranged relationship with his mother turn better or worse?​

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