Priyank Sharma pens second open letter, targets Varun Sood and supports Divya

MUMBAI: If you thought that we have had enough of the Priyank-Divya drama then you are highly mistaken. Matters of the past run deep and it doesn’t seem like that these two are going to bury it down sooner. After his outrage on social media against his ex-girlfriend and currently a MTV Ace of Space housemate, Divya Agarwal, Priyank Sharma has put out another open letter on his Instagram fuelling things further.

For the uninitiated, TV hunk Priyank Sharma had broken his silence on social media few days ago lashing out at Divya Agarwal for falsely accusing him on the show. The letter was read out to Divya on the show and she broke down. She called Priyank a man with a black heart who spoilt her life. Interestingly, a day after Divya’s co-contestant Varun Sood tore the letter on camera, Priyank has spoken again trying to explain things. Priyank spoke out on how he had been friends with Divya after they called off their relationship. He stressed on how he has no hard feelings for her and she is being provoked to speak negatively of him which is beyond her nature. Priyank also mentioned that he will vote for Divya till her tenure in the show and would ask his fans to do so as well.

What stands out in the letter is how Benafsha Soonawalla is in the scheme of things. Priyank has thanked her multiple times in the letter for being a confidante to him and helping him pass through this. Priyank also subtly hinted on someone who is putting out a negative image for Divya by provoking her to say bad things. And no points for guessing that Priyank is talking about Varun Sood who has been Divya’s constant support in the house.

How will Divya and Varun react to this? Would we see more of counter allegations? To know what happens next.

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