I’m sure Jasleen will join ‘Me Too’ movement against Anup: Mahika on Bigg Boss 12

Actress Mahika Sharma, who always remains in limelight for her controversial statements, has said that Jasleen Matharu will join the ‘Me Too’ movement against Bhajan Samraat Anup Jalota in no time after she gets evicted from the Bigg Boss 12 house.

Mahika said in a statement, “Anup Jalota is not at all fair. Why is he after an innocent girl? Every time society can’t blame a girl in every case. It’s their personal life, and I know that I’m no one to comment. But Anupji just can’t simply defame a girl as he had publicly accepted his relationship while entering the show, in front of Salman Khan. So if the jodi was a tactic to be a part of Bigg Boss, they both were equally involved. He just can’t blame her now. He is maligning the pure relationship of ‘student-teacher’ and ‘father-daughter’ and our society should not take it. If he was rewarded for his talent then he should also be punished now for his cheap nature.”

She continued, “If Matharu was seriously dating Anup and if in any case he has done wrong to her by giving false and fake commitments, I wish and support her to join ‘Me Too’ movement against the popular old man. And, I’m sure India will lend support to her. We just can’t blame her that she got back of him for money. We can think vice versa too. Why do we always need to be a part of a male dominated society?”

Mahika was earlier rumoured to be a part of the Salman Khan’s reality show along with her co-star Danny D, popular adult film star. The duo will soon appear in upcoming Bollywood movie The Modern culture.

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