Naren to start falling for Bela; Pooja to catch them in Piyaa Albela

Mumbai: Zee TV’s daily soap, Piyaa Albela, is soon going to witness major changes in its lead characters.

Recently, the viewers saw the entry of Neha Marda’s character, Bela and the viewers would know that Naren (Akshay Mhatre) had witnessed an accident.

Now post the accident, major characteristic changes will occur in him. Read on to know-

In the upcoming episodes, Naren, who has got a heart transplant, will start acting weird. He will behave like Bela’s husband, with whom his heart transplant took place. In fact, during a meeting, Naren will start speaking in Bhojpuri.

Another interesting part of the track is that since Naren has got Bela’s husbands’ heart, he will start developing feelings for Bela.

It will happen so that Bela will wear Pooja’s saree and arrive at the washroom. While she’ll be sitting, Naren will come and hug her from behind without realising it was Bela. And right at this moment, Pooja will arrive. Looking at her, Naren will be startled.

Now guess what?

Well, in a fit of anger, Naren will start throwing things here and there. He will be upset with the fact that he couldn’t differentiate between the two ladies. Once he will walk out of the room, Pooja will give few words to Bela.

Bela will start crying and fall on Pooja’s feet.

Isn’t the track quite eccentric?

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