Mangu Tai will scare Bhide with her demands in Taarak Mehta

Gear up for another exciting episode in SAB TV’s Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (Neela Telefilms)!
The acclaimed tuition teacher Ataram Tukaram Bhide (Mandar Chandwadkar) of Gokuldham society is having sleepless nights. It’s that time of the year again when Bhide is anxious about his student’s results. Having a record breaking streak of 100 per cent pass percentage, he is very scared that his record should not break in 2017.
However, he has a very good reason to be scared as one of the students in particular, Gautam Bhaskar Kholi, who is lovingly called as Gotiya, is keeping him on tenterhooks. Gotiya comes from a family of fishermen and is more interested in playing games on his phone rather than reading his textbooks.
We hear, as the day would be approaching soon, Bhide will find himself face to face with none other than Mangu Tai (Atisha Naik), mother of Gotiya. She will warn Bhide saying if her son does not pass in his exams, there will be repercussions that Bhide will have to pay.
The next morning, the much awaited result will come out. As per the result, all the Gokuldhaam children have sailed through the exam with ease except Gotiya. There will be joy and laughter in the society when Mangu Tai will arrive in the colony with her troop of fishermen from her village.
She will create a scene and blame Bhide Master for her son’s (Gotiya) failure. She won’t stop here; she will also demand her tuition fee back with interest, for all the previous years.
How will Bhide prove himself or will he have to bear the consequences of the failure of one of his students?
Mandar confirmed the above development.

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