Farnaz Shetty decks up her makeup room

Pretty actress Farnaz Shetty, who is currently seen as the female protagonist in &TV’s popular daily Waaris (Viniyard Films) is quite creative.
Many of our readers wouldn’t know that the actress is quite a pro with paints and brushes.
Yes, she loves to utilize her leisure time by painting, and recently, the actress made a beautiful painting of lord Krishna in her makeup room and she has won a lot of praises from people around on sets.
We spoke to Farnaz to know more about her idea behind painting lord Krishna. She shared with us, “I love lord Krishna and I have been reading about him a lot. Since the time I started reading Bhagavad Gita, I have become extremely close to lord Krishna. That has got me closer to life, myself, closer to people and my level of understanding has also increased. I have got peace within myself because of lord Krishna and Bhagavad Gita. So I thought that if I love something so much then why not keep it to close to myself. So I painted lord Krishna on my wall.”
We wonder how much time did it take Farnaz to create the beautiful art. When we asked her about the same, she told us, “I finished the painting in two days spending around two hours each day. I can say that it took me around three to four hours to paint this one.”
Farnaz is receiving so much of appreciations for her art from her co-stars on sets. She happily shared with us, “Everybody is praising me. Aarti (Singh) di told me that its hard for her to believe that I have painted this and even Vandana (Lalwani) di appreciated it. They all loved my painting and the ones who didn’t know that I paint, they were amazed to see it. They all huddled in my room and clicked pictures.”
We also asked Farnaz as what she would like to paint next. She told us, “It all depends upon the situation that I am going through and the paintings that I gift, is also related to the person and their characteristics. Right now lord Krishna is very much close to my heart so I painted it. So in future whatever finds way to my heart, I will paint that.”
Way to go girl.

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