InternationalYogaDay: Rubina Dilaik reveals how Yoga changed her life!

“Yoga began with the first person wanting to be healthy and happy all the time.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda.
Interestingly, when you think about being fit, healthy and happy from within, the one form of exercise that comes to your mind will always be Yoga. This tranquil form of exercise originated in India in the 5th – 6th Century which today has worldwide prominence and is followed immensely by the West.
Today (June 21) being International Yoga Day, spoke to one of the most gorgeous actress in . Her radiance can’t be competed with, and the secret to her ever glowing beauty is most definitely her routine practice of Yoga.

It’s none other than the resplendent beauty Rubina Dilaik!
When asked about the beginning of her Yoga journey, Rubina said, “The culture of Yoga was very prominent from my childhood days. My parents used to practise Yoga and they used to make sure that we did at least half an hour of Yoga before we left for school. The roots of Yoga are from my family itself. It has really helped me sustain the enthusiasm to keep myself healthy, looking after my body, keeping a balance in my lifestyle. I thank my parents for it.”

What are the perks of doing Yoga and what are the challenges while doing it?
“Yoga in literal sense means ‘yog’. Yog is the union between body, mind and soul. I wasn’t consistent in Yoga throughout my life but I’ve been regular since the past three years. It has not only helped me maintain a healthy body but has also helped me revitalise my state of mind. It replenishes the being. If you are not at peace with yourself, you cannot achieve greater things in life. For you to excel at work; you need to have a particular state of mind and Yoga helps you achieve that. Yoga isn’t just fitness, it promotes mental peace, synchronicity, and is in totality of well-being. The very big challenge is to commit yourself to Yoga in consistency. What matters is being regular,” she elaborates.

What forms of Yoga does the actress follow?
“Daily soaps don’t really offer you luxury of time once it is on air, and Yoga is a combination of pranayama, asanas and stretching, I choose to do any depending on how much time I have. If I have 10-15 minutes, I choose to do pranayama. If I have a good half an hour, I’ll do pranayama and stretching. If I’m lucky to have an hour or two, then I do stretching and the asanas. Once you commit to your own well-being, you can make time for yourself. It takes me one hour to travel to my set, so I do pranayama in the car,” she says.

Does going to the gym fall into the beautiful actress’s regime too?
To this Rubina quickly responds by saying, “You really don’t need a gym to stay fit. All you need is commitment, a good mat, a pair of good running shoes and some good music. Sometimes, I just take a run around the premises of my shooting. Whenever there is time between scenes or a location change, I get into my running shoes and I jog around. One can have 100 excuses to not do it, or one can just get up and get started.”
Rubina gives some good advice to her fans and people who want to begin with the practice of Yoga:
Begin with simple practices like pranayama and other breathing techniques. You don’t need a gym or exclusive time for it.
Dedicate 15 minutes in a day which get divided into 5 minutes every four hours.
Concentrate on your breathing pattern. If you can do Anulom Vilom Pranayama or Kapalabharti will be very beneficial.
Go for a simple brisk walk, once you’re done; sit in silence and observe your breathing.
Rubina’s insights about Yoga are so inspirational that we bet you’ll start its practice right after reading this!
Once again, a happy International Yoga Day! Stay fit, stay happy!

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