I was into a dark phase…yoga brought light into my life, says Vidya

Chak De fame, Vidya Malvade has been out of sight for quite a sometime! However, the pretty lady will soon make a comeback with a bang with a new show titled, Shankaracharya.
But if you think that this is the only thing which is keeping her busy these days, well, be in for a surprise as Vidya has started teaching yoga.
exclusively got in touch with her to know more about her life and she expressed, “I have been practicing yoga for 10 years now and it is the most beautiful thing. This is how I ended up teaching as well.
I travel all the over the world, thanks to yoga!”
Her Instagram profile is proof enough about her involvement with the spiritual lifestyle. Talking about the importance of yoga in her and everyone’s life she explained, “I was going through a dark phase, something which everyone goes through at least once in their life. However, yoga brought light into my life. Everyone is so stressed these days and yoga helps one to streamline their life.”
So does yoga have any connection with her glamorous career? To this she replied, “Yoga has connection with everything. It helps everyone. I teach people yoga with a thought to change their perception.”
Talking about her work front, she said, “I don’t want to do anything that is not interesting to me. I have found my solace in yoga. I’ll only pick up something if it’s really interesting.”
Honestly, Vidya’s opinions on yoga does make us wonder about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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