Devika to get KIDNAPPED in Life OK’s Kalash

Life OK’s Kalash – Ek Vishwaas (Balaji Telefilms) will see a new twist in the tale with Manju Grewal (Alka Amin) crossing all limits of wickedness.
In order to get a hold on Janki Raichand’s (Dolly Sohi) property, Manju will get Janki kidnapped by her men.
Yes, this will be the next problem that will chase Devika (Aparna Dixit).
As per sources, “Manju will ask Janki to meet her at a jewellery shop. However Janki will be welcomed near the shop by the goons hied by Manju. Janki will get a doubt and will try to call Devika, but she would not be able to get her on the line. The goons will kidnap her and keep her at a hideout.”
We also hear that Janki will listen to her kidnapper’s voice and will identify the person to be a lady, but she will not be able to see her face. On the other hand, Nivedita (Seema Mishra) will get to know of Manju having kidnapped Janki. And she will decide to utilize the situation in her favour.
Will Devika be able to save Janki?
When contacted, Dolly said, “There’s an interesting sequence coming for sure. But I will not want to open it up.”

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