Cloud nine moment: Neha Sargam shares stage with her idol Sonu Nigam

Singer cum actress Neha Sargam is on cloudnice these days after she shared stage with her idol Sonu Nigam.
The pretty and multi talented Neha Sargam, who has entertained one and all with her acting talent, happens to be a find got from Sony TV’s popular reality show Indian Idol, in which she participated as a contestant.

Neha surely impressed judges and the audience with her soothing voice and now after coming a long way in the field of acting, she recently lived her dream for real as she shared stage with the singing sensation Sonu Nigam at a concert held in Dubai.

An elated Neha told us, “Sonu Nigam was my judge when I was a contestant in Indian Idol. One day, I was having a conversation with him over texts for the article he wrote about Rafi Ji. Towards the end of our conversation, he asked me if I am still into singing and then he asked me to send him a singing clip of mine. He liked the clip and after few days, I was told that I have to sing along with him at a concert being conducted in Dubai. It was a totally different experience to sing along with him. I was so happy to know that he showed confidence in me and gave me an opportunity to share stage with him. He has been my crush since a long time and it was so difficult for me to sing along with him.”

“I have met Sonu Nigam at few award functions too where he used to tell me that he follows my work and feels proud and happy for me. It means a lot when a person like Sonu Nigam encourages you. I am looking forward to singing with him again. It has been a major shift from being a contestant to singing with your idol,” signed off Neha.
Way to go, girl.

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