Bigg Boss 10: Synopsis for Day 40

As a new day dawns inside the Bigg Boss house under Rohan’s able captaincy, the contestants wake up to the ‘Appy Fizz theme song – Chal Ud Zara’. While dividing the household chores, Rohan gets into an argument with Nitibha because she agreed to prepare breakfast only after completing her makeup routine. When Rohan tries to reason with her, Nitibha points out even that Lopamudra follows the same mantra but has never been questioned.

Soon, Rohan’s renewed captaincy earns him some powers. Bigg Boss asks him to select 4 of the weakest contestants from the luxury budget task. Without skipping a beat, Rohan immediately takes Om Swami’s name and this irks the man a great deal. Exasperated with Om Swami’s cribbing and inability to accept punishment, Gaurav taunts him while asking him to stop with his politics inside the house. The banters continue and after giving the matter a lot of thought, Rohan zeroes in on Om Swami, Nitibha, Mona and Lopa to receive the punishment.

Come evening, it’s time for the punishment task wherein the 4 nominated contestants have to sit inside cubicles created in the garden area. Rohan is asked to stand on the podium placed behind the cubicles. Rohan becomes the puppet-master with the ability to administer punishment to any contestant he deems fit basis the options presented by Bigg Boss. The first compartment has two slabs of butter which one contestant needs to consume as a part of their punishment. Rohan names Om Swami to take this on. Om Swami, in turns, gets upset and calls Rohan many unsavoury names. As more drawers are opened, the drama levels increase with punishments like going to jail and lying on a stretcher come into play.

By the end of the day, Om Swami brings the house down with his antics. His choice of words and actions turns everyone against him. Even when Manveer tries to calm him down, Swami ji continues to antagonize everyone in the most inappropriate way. His absurd behaviour leads to the contestants wanting to boycott him. On the other hand, though, Manu and Mona discuss the contestants’ partiality towards Rohan pointing out that none of them supported Mona when Swami ji was nasty to her. Soon, Manu, Manveer and Mona start having second thoughts about boycotting Om Swami. But, will the housemates stand together for once?

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