ALTBalaji’s psycho-stalker thriller web-series Bekaaboo if full of twists and turns!

MUMBAI: ALTBalaji’s psycho-stalker thriller Bekaaboo, adapted from Novoneel Chakraborty’s bestseller- Black Suits You, continues to attract netizens in droves. Earning rave reviews owing to its crisp and layered script that’s kept the audience hooked to their screens, the creators have put forward the perfect mix of desire, deceit and blackmail. Endowed with an intellectually engaging narrative, we witness the twists and turns in the life of an erotica novelist, Kiyan Roy and his quest to resolve the mysteries which have emerged due to his depraved deeds and come out victorious.

Coming to the leading ladies, on one hand we have Madhusneha who is a progressive modern woman, still deeply rooted in her culture and values, while Priya Banerjee plays an uninhibited psycho-stalker, who believes in going after what she wants and achieve that by hook or by crook! The leading ladies have essayed their roles to perfection and in no time take you along on their journeys.

Proving to be the perfect amalgamation of thrills, chills and feels, Bekaaboo makes for an unmatched viewing experience. And that’s not all, what makes this show distinct is the range of emotions displayed by the ensemble cast that draws you deeper into the narrative. Amping up the wow factor, Bekaaboo makes for a very telling and gripping screenplay, that will not only make you binge watch this series, but also adds new dimensions on every subsequent rewatch!

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