Why we are excited about the leap in Peshwa Bajirao

Peshwa Bajirao is an Iconic Character from history. And we have admired and loved the intense acting of Bajirao (Rudra Soni) on the TV series Peshwa Bajirao. The show will be taking a leap and thus there would be new cast. We hope that we get the same entertainment from the new cast.
Saying so, we are pretty much excited about the leap…read on to know the reasons…
New Entries:
After the leap on Sony TV’s Peshwa Bajirao, there will be fresh faces in the period drama. The grown up Bajirao would be played by Karan Suchak who was last seen as Lakshman in Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus and grown up Kashibai will be played by Ishita Ganguly, who was last in Ishq ka Rang Safed on Colors TV. Post leap, Anuja Sathe, currently playing Radhabai, would exit the show and Rajeshwari Sachdev will play Radhabai. Anuja Sathe’s husband Sauraabh Ghokhaale will be seen as Chima Ji.

Grand Set:
Post leap, there would be changes in the set as well. There would be grand set and palaces. Spectacular visual effects and action scenes will be added which surely will look exciting.
All the characters will be seen in new avatar with mind blowing costumes and makeup. We will get to see Bajirao and Kashibai in another look which will be exciting to see.
War Scenes:
Yes, we will definitely see Peshwa Bajirao going on a war with Mughals in a proper warrior outfit. When we saw Ranveer Singh in the film Bajirao Mastani doing action sequences, we were amazed. We expect the same from Karan Suchak.
We are eagerly waiting to see the romance between Bajirao and Kashibai on the show just the way we saw in thefilm. We want to know how Kashibai and Bajirao came close and became friends to foe. We are excited to see the grand wedding scenes of Kashibai and Bajirao.
What are your thoughts about the leap? Share your views in the comment section below.

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