This upcoming Bigg Boss task is one of the best from this season!

Its Lack Down time for the contestants on Bigg Boss!

In today’s episode, the contestants will wake up to a shocker! Bigg Boss has taken all their Bags, Clothes, And essentials and has placed them in a box! The task is called Lack Down, in which Bigg Boss intends to make the contestants live like stone age men! As per the task, the contestants are split into two teams. Mona and Rohan are appointed as captains of the team. Mona’s team consists of Manveer, Manu, Gaurav, Nitibha, and Om Swami. Rohan’s team has Lopa, Lokesh, Karan, Rahul, and Bani!

According to the rules of the task, the contestants are required to live in the garden area only. They have to use the Jail’s washroom and are only given a ‘chulha’ for cooking! So they basically have only the pair of clothes that they are wearing and no food either! Every essential that they require can be taken out of the boxes, but each essential that they pick up will cost their team one point. So the contestants have to manage with minimum essentials. In the end, the team with the maximum points will lose!

It is sure going to be an amazing watch! Tune in to the show tonight to know what happens!

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