Unknown facts about Jiji Maa’s lead Dishank Arora

MUMBAI: It’s a known fact that social media has become an integral part of our life and time and again our television actors share a slice of their lives via Twitter, Instagram etc and thus fans get to know a lot about their favorite celeb but still there are many interesting things about the actors that many are not aware of.

In fact, some of the actors have some hidden talents and secrets that are known only to their near and dear ones. One such actor is Dishank Arora, who is currently seen in the Star Bharat show Jiji Maa.

In a chat with businessvoip, Dishank, who worked in MC Donalds and in a call centre before becoming an actor, revealed some interesting facts about him.

Let’s see what the actor has to share with us. Over to you, Dishank:

I am a national level Skater.

Not many people would know that I am a big prankster.

I may be called Ram on the sets sometimes but I am a little naughty.

I can cook well.

I love to mimic people and the first time I did was when I mimicked my friend and they did applaud me by asking me to be an actor.

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