Unknown facts about Ishqbaaaz actress Mansi Srivastava

The tall and pretty actress Mansi Srivastava, who is now better known as Bhavya from Ishqbaaaz, is loved by all. The actress is not an open book; there are lots of unknown facts and secrets about her which are yet to be known.
Hence, got in touch with the pretty lady and asked her to share a few unknown facts about herself.
My father is my inspiration. I love everything about my dad be it his soft spoken nature, his hard working mentality or his sense of self respect. I am so thankful to him because of the way he takes care of my mother. I am also inspired by Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra’s acting skills and their attitude of giving their best to whatever they do.
I think, I am very funny. I crack jokes and try to make people happy around me.

I enjoy cooking and painting in my free time.
I have this very weird habit of cross checking my house or car lock. I guess, it’s a kind of OCD. Also, I have a habit of doubting the cleanliness of utensils. I think it’s crazy.

I always used to be the monitor of my class, but little did anyone know that I was actually the most mischievous kid in the class and I had the craziest ideas. For instance, if there was a free period, I would indulge the whole class in playing some games and then ask them weird and curious questions about their lives or their crushes.
I can’t handle being ignored by someone I deeply love or even my friend or my parents. So, I tend to pacify them till the time they don’t get normal with me. I actually really care and pamper my own people.

Liars and people who show off their intelligence or show that they are over confident just irritate the hell out of me. It’s like, ok I got it, but why do you have to show it off.
I wish, I could complete my post graduation which I couldn’t as I started concentrating on my acting career.

We bet you did not know these facts about her. We did our bit and brought out Mansi’s cats out of the bag and now you do yours and share the article!

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