This is why Dipika should win Bigg Boss 12

Dipika is one of the strong contestants of Bigg Boss 12 and is touted to be the winner of the show. Here are the few reasons why we think she should win. 1] Since day 1, she made a mark with her presence in the house and has strong leadership qualities. 2] She is very popular among the audience and has a massive fan following. People have been rooting for her since the show’s launch. 3] Dipika has made a strong relationship with Sreesanth, and their friendship is loved by one and all. The audiences loves their camaraderie.

Dipika is the only contestant who hasn’t become the captain of the house and has still survived. 5] She has not been involved in unnecessary fights or said anything bad about the others during tasks. Let’s not forget that the host of the show also praised her and said she is the most dignified contestant in the house. 6] In many polls on many entertainment sites, she has received the maximum votes for winning the show. Well, the finale is just few weeks away, and we will know who the winner is then. It would be no surprise if she takes the trophy home.

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