This Bigg Boss contestant is a gay in disguise

MUMBAI: We must say that some of our telly celebs are indeed skilled secret keeper; they skillfully keep their affairs under wraps. But when we have our eyes and ears everywhere, how long can you hide it? So, here we are to spill the beans once again!

Can you guess what we are hinting at?

Well, we are talking about one handsome lad who had been in news for dating his co-actor, and boy he did make some news.

Who knew that the charmer swings both the ways!!! We wonder if he swings the other way and him dating his co-actor was just a cover up!

Being a part of a popular reality show and with the controversy going around, he did get his share of media attention. Nothing stays hidden in the eyes of media, be it double dating, homosexual relationships, infidelity or another hook up or break-up story. While speaking about all this quite a good bunch of names pop up in our mind that have left us stunned and speechless.

The EXCLUSIVE piece of gossip shared by our hawk-eyed little birdie has left us tongue-tied. Read on to know-

There are some hush-hush talks about this actor who debuted in television with a popular GEC channel. Later, he was seen playing the lead role in another GEC channel.

A reliable source shared, “The actor along with a man was seen entering one Holi party hand in hand and after 10 minutes the couple vanished from the party.”

Oooo…Now that’s something fishy! Isn’t it?

Later when people were enjoying themselves in the party, the couple was again spotted in a secluded corner having their own snugly time. The partner of the popular actor is a no big name but a foreigner. The actor and his partner were seemed to be having an exceptional time while enjoying amidst the festival of colors.

Shocking, isn’t it?

This piece of information has left businessvoip jaws hanging.

Considering the fact that the actor had previously dated quite known female names from the industry, this news comes as a shock.

Keeping the sensitivity of the actor’s personal life, businessvoip has decided to not reveal his name.

All we can share is that the particular actor has been part of some path breaking TV shows as a lead and also participated in a reality show.

Although the actor’s name has always been connected with his female co-stars but now after this shocking news, we wonder if he is dating his female co-actors to cover up his gay status.

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