The best thing about crushing is the fantasy you yourself build around the crush: Farhan Imroze

Farhan Imroze is one of the popular and good looking actors of small screen of Bengal. He has acted in Bengali serials like Care Kori Na and Kiranmala which were aired on Star Jalsha. Presently, he is playing the male lead on Zee Bangla’s Tobu Mone Rekho. In a candid conversation with , the actor talked about his first non-celeb crush, love and more…Read on-
Although the 90s bombshell Mamta Kulkarni was Farhan’s first celeb crush, he finds his first non celeb crush more interesting. The actor said, “My first non-celeb crush is much more interesting …I was in Class ii or iii maybe. In my old para, there was a gali where me and my buds used to play football. There was this guy who had a sister and she used to come along and play “football” with us; it was mesmerizing. That’s my first non-celebrity crush. It’s gone, unfortunately!”
So, didn’t you propose her? Prompt came the reply, “No. I was in the second grade.”
Talking about the best thing about crush, Farhan shared, “The best thing about crushing is the fantasy you yourself build around the crush. You think about them all day, all night. Nice thoughts…Colourful thoughts…”
When asked if he still develops crush and when was the last time he fell for someone, he candidly said, “These days I only develop Love. The last time I fell in love with someone was in the middle of a certain winter.”
So, will he consider that person lucky whose crush transforms into love and the couple becomes soul mates, he quipped, “Why not! Love develops from many things. A crush is a pretty nice feeling to start off from. Plus, your search ends there! You don’t have to waste more time/ work insanely hard to find your love. Phew…So, yes, lucky…Very Lucky!
We asked Farhan if he is engaged or single to which he said that he is single and our next question was if he is looking for love, the lad answered in a shayrana andaz, “Phirta hoon yahaan wahaan, Leke apne dil aur jaan, Dhoonda saara jahaan, Na jane woh hain kahaan…#Gumshuda.”
So, what should be the three qualities that his girl must possess? “She must GET me. She must Love me and she must be able to do the things that I can’t like flying planes, cooking; I can do the cleaning,” signed off the actor.

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