Synopsis Day 18: A luxury budget task that brought out the worst within the housemates

MUMBAI: The strength, vigor and intensity with which the contestants are fighting to win this luxury budget, is inspiring. Continuing the ‘Jwalamukhi’ task the contestants are working and fighting hard to ensure they collect the maximum balls from the volcanic eruption. After Sree Santh, Dipika, Srishty and Jasleen getting eliminated from the task, the fight continued between Karanvir, Nehha, Sorabh, Deepak, Saba and Romil. The singles and the jodis battled their way through in full force. As the jodis and singles took on each other with agitation, it got difficult to decide who will seal their position for the captaincy of the week.

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Other than the task, the rest of the house was hostile towards each other on many occasions. Deepak misbehaved with Jasleen because unintentionally she touched him with a broom. A major brawl took flight between Surbhi Rana and the Khan sisters. Anup Jalota, is still not over the fact that Jasleen could not sacrifice her things for him. He was sarcastically making comments on her clothes and accessories she wore and also her hairstyle. However, Jasleen didn’t react to this, and took it with a pinch of salt.

The house-mates seem to be finally getting into the competitive spirit. Cold shoulders, arguments, cat-calling, it’s all the beginning of what an epic season entails.

With such heated arguments taking prominence in the house, what will be the contestants’ fate?

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