#Stylebuzz: Here’s what Jennifer Winget and Drashti Dhami do for ‘Voluminous hair’

Big Bouncy Hair that Don’t Care!!



It seems like celebrities never experience limp lifeless manes, forget a bad hair day. They are always prim and proper with hair that could only inspire awe. As much as they are genetically blessed with beauty, there sure does exist, some tricks of the trade that makes their manes look like that, with oodles of volume and bounce.

Here’s what Jennifer does to keep the front section of her hair from falling flat. She rolls them on a big size roller.

And here is what Drashti Dhami does…
Amidst shots, this is what helps the actresses look like they just walked out of a salon.
And here is how you could cheat your way to big bouncy hair…
– Make volume building shampoo your best friend
– A dry shampoo could as well be your travel companion. Spray on a bit of it near the roots, when your hair becomes oily.
– Change is always good and changing the hair parting is better.
– You could as well comb your hair backwards.
– Blow Drying at home? Do it with your head upside down.

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