Shocking: Maya’s Nefarious plan to separate Arjun and Sanjh in Beyhadh!

And its pure EVIL…

We had earlier written about how Maya proposes to Arjun in a hot air balloon. But Maya gets a shock when Arjun refuses her proposal! We all know that Maya is not a person who will take ‘no’ for an answer. She is shaken and has a lot of thoughts going on in her mind! She loves Arjun and certainly did not expect him to say no.

Maya is shaken and now the primary objective of her life is to separate Arjun and Saanjh and get Arjun for herself. She has now decided to take an important step to separate them and that is to kill Saanjh!

Yes! Maya will now decide to get Saanjh killed so that she can be with Arjun! The show gets even more intriguing day by day and we can’t wait to watch what happens next on Beyhadh!

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