Shivangi Joshi and Jannat Zubair’s UNBELIEVABLE reaction when they bumped into each other

We have often heard about catfights happening in showbiz. While actresses tend to not get along well with their contemporaries for various reasons, some don’t like each other for something the other has said.

The same apparently happened with two of the most popular faces of the small screen. While one is a popular face of a daily soap, one is a social media star who enjoys a huge fan following at such a small age.

Yes, we are talking about Shivangi Joshi and Jannat Zubair Rahmani.

Both actresses are huge in the entertainment industry.

But a few years ago, both were caught in an awkward moment when they attended the same event in Mumbai.

Shivangi and Jannat came to inaugurate a store, but both did not pay much attention to each other. Miss Joshi and Miss Jannat stayed in this store for quite some time but both did not even consider it necessary to talk to each other.

While no one knows why Shivangi and Jannat ignored each other, it was clear that all is not well between them.

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