Shamin Mannan’s hatke avatar in MTV Big F

Actress Shamin Mannan has been roped in to play a chauffeur in the upcoming episode of “MTV Big F”.

The story of the episode will revolve around a girl named Gayatri (Shamin), who is passionate about her job as a female chauffeur. Trying to carve a space for herself, she meets an entrepreneur Ishan Bajaj (Gaurav S Bajaj) as she drives him down to Pune.

Ishan’s ideology about women and their capabilities are mildly tainted by his pre-conceived notions that they can never excel in certain fields. As Gayatri and Ishan meet, they fall for each other, but Ishan voices his embarrassment about letting the world know about their relationship due to Gayatri’s profession.

“It’s really amazing to see how things are changing for good for female cabbies. Around 10 years ago, nobody knew female cabbies would ever exist. But it’s encouraging to see so many of them nowadays,” Shamin said in a statement.

“Through this particular episode we have tried to show that women can also dominate an industry supposedly ruled by men. I would request the audience to change their perception towards these women.

“People usually underestimate women drivers in general too so its high time people stop stereotyping. And I had super fun driving around in this episode,” she added.

The episode will be aired on Saturday.

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