Saluting TV’s SINGLE Moms this Mother’s Day

It’s very well said that ‘Any woman can be a mother, but it takes a bad-ass mom to be a dad too’!
Today (14 May), happens to be a very special day for all the beautiful mothers who nurtured their kids with unbounded love and affection.
A mother is a philosopher, friend and a guide to their babies. Though for a child their mom and dad are their world, but there are few mothers who are taking care of their kids single-handed and making provide them the best of life.
When we talk about single mothers, there are few TV actresses who are both mom and dad to their children. After shooting day and night, when these actresses go back home, they have their loving kids waiting for them. They may not have a partner’s hand to hold but the tiny fingers cuddling to them can give them happiness.
salutes all the independent mothers for raising their kids so well and fighting against all the challenges bravely.
On this special day, we decided to speak to few independent TV actresses, and asked them how difficult it is to raise kids single handed and how do they cope up with all the challenges.
Kamya Punjabi (Shakti)

Well, I think raising a kid is not difficult but sometimes it is hard to answer their questions. I hate lying so it gets hard to respond to her queries like ‘why is not dad staying with us? Was there any fight?’ But as time passed she started understanding. When she was four years old, she used to call me and ask me to come back home from shoot. But later, she understood that if mom won’t work, then who will earn? I have raised her in such a way that now she lives independently like me. Yes, sometimes you do feel lonely and frustrated because from managing household things, to taking care of kid, to going to shoot, it’s one hell of a task. But after a peaceful 30 minutes, I get rejuvenated. Now days, it is other way round, my daughter ask me about my whereabouts, and hugs me tightly saying don’t worry mom, I am with you, and I will always take care of you. On Valentine’s Day she made a gift for me by painting a stone and wrote a message on it. She later surprised me by sending me the video which literally bought tears in my eyes. I can’t stop thanking God for giving my daughter Aara in my life.

Dalljiet Kaur (Kaala Teeka):

I think child needs the love of both mother and a father. Handling child alone comes with lot of responsibilities. There was a time when I had financial crises and my only concern was to give a better life to my son Jaydon. I could survive on 10 rupees Maggi but I needed my kitchen to be full of fruits and other healthy things for him. Whenever I put make up, my son understands that mom has to go out to work. I am glad that we both are living a much better life now. Yes, I need a companion, not because I can’t take care of him, but having partner in our life adds more happiness. I recently also got Jaydon’s name tattooed on my hand.

Manasi Salvi (Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee):

I feel empowered at the age of 37, as I am blessed to live an independent life with my daughter Omisha. I consider my life very beautiful and I have no regrets. Challenges will always be there but one should know how to cope up with it. I had ten years of blissful married life. Now when I flip on my bed, I don’t have my partner next to me. The way we reprogram our computer, the same way I have started looking life from different perceptive. I can proudly say that there’s not a single thing that women can’t do. I proudly buy my own Gucci and Versace, and am not depended on my partner. Also a child is more close to their mother than father because they chose to be in their mother’s womb for nine months. Omisha is very understanding and a bright child. In fact, she knows that Mother’s Day is coming soon, so she has been preparing handmade necklace, earring and a bracelet for me.
More power to you ladies!

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