Rishina Kandhari jogs 5kms to prepare her for Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein

Young and passionate actor Rishina Kandhari known for her style and fitness, is recently seen on Sony Entertainment Television’s new offering ‘Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein’, playing the role of Rani (Yogi’s Sister-in-law). Despite her age, she is known to be the fittest one on the show, who dresses up to the tee and styles every other female on the show. In a conversation with the actor, it was revealed that she jogs approx 10 km every day and is an avid gym addict and also follows a strict diet. In reality, she is the mother to a 12-year daughter, but who can tell?

The show is set on the lines of a beautiful romantic journey of Yogi (Mudit Nayar) who is a hearing-impaired boy and Gunjan (Simran Pareenja) who cannot speak as well. It is exciting to see how despite having imperfections, Yogi and Gunjan will flourish their love story. In the show, Rishina’s character is seen donning saree looks, but of camera she carries carry anything. The other ladies of the show take inspiration from her, on her fitness and styling. It is also known that Rishina shares a unique bond with on-screen Dadi (Sulba Arya) and mother-in-law (Swati Shah) and she is seen often dressing them up.

The fashionista of the sets shares, “I always look up to keep myself healthy and fit. I regularly go to the gym and jog around 5 kms to maintain fitness. Moreover, I am very particular about carrying myself. Even though being a part of a hectic work schedule, I try to make sure that my style is on point in my real life and reel life. I even like styling the ladies in the house- Sulbha Arya ma’am (Dadi) and my co-actor Saraswati (Nisha Bhabhi) along with my on-screen mother in law (Swati Shah).”

It is an actual head scratcher for the viewers of Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein, ‘How does the television actress who is the mother of 12-years-old maintains herself so well?’

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