Revealed! Bedroom secrets of newlyweds Jaskaran Singh-Ridheema Tiwari

Jaskaran Singh and Ridheema Tiwari make the cutest couple in tinsel town!

The duo tied the knot in June last year in a Punjabi-style wedding.

The two complement one other and are the perfect jodi in our opinion. Their love, compatibility, and passion are unmatchable.

businessvoip featured the couple in our Bedroom Secrets Segment. Read on to know Jaskaran’s spicy answers!

Which is your favourite side of bed?

The boss of the house (wife) is always right, but I got a little lucky here and got the right side of the bed (winks).

Who makes the morning bed tea?

That’s beautiful between us, as we both like to cook and make coffee for each other, so we take turns mutually.

Who snores?

Sometimes, I do when I’m extremely tired, and she hates it. So I’m working on it.

Ever fought for a blanket?

Never! We have our own blankets, but we like to get into each other’s at times. You know what I mean….

Cuddle or kiss: What do you both prefer?

Cuddling that leads to kissing and then lots more. I mean, how can you stop with such an irresistible wife? Haven’t you’ll seen how hot she is?

What do you’ll love wearing in the bedroom: pajamas or sexy lingerie?

Anything loose and comfy. She does surprise me at times with some really hot nightwear.

Do you prefer to keep the lights on or off?

Dim lights.

Who makes the first move?

That is not fixed. We have mutual hunger for each other (smiles).

Other than the bedroom, where else do you like to make out?

Well, depends on our moods. Our home has some beautiful and comfy corners, so nothing is decided or fixed.

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