Prince Narula releases his latest track ‘Burn Out’ in Dubai

Mumbai: Actor Prince Narula recently took a trip to Dubai. The actor was there to release his latest track Burn Out and was accompanied by the producers of his show Badho Bahu. Talking about his trip, he says, “It was amazing. I had gone to release Burn Out and was there for six days. The producers of Badho Bahu Sushant Kumar and Teena Swayyam accompanied me. We spent very less time with each other as they were busy exploring Dubai and I was busy with my shoot there. But the time we spent with each other was great fun,” he says.

Meanwhile, actor, who recently announced his engagement with actor Yuvika Chaudhary, says that he likes to spend every free day with her. “Whenever I get the day off, I like to spend it with Yuvika. Otherwise also, I make sure to meet her every day. I just shoot in the day and after shoot, I meet Yuvi and then we go to gym together. We have coffee or dinner and then drop her back home,” he says.

Prince, who is from Chandigarh, says that there are times he misses his hometown. However, the actor adds he is focussed on his work in Mumbai. “In Chandigarh, there’s peace and people just live their lives but in Mumbai, everybody is busy in making money. I am very focussed in my life here and I am working really hard,” he says. Looks like Teena Swayyam, Sushant Kumar, Prince Narula, Yuvika Chaudhary and had a blast in Dubai.

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