Pranitaa Pandit’s traffic woes

As if long working hours and hectic schedules were not enough to make the lives of TV actors challenging, unending traffic jams on their way to their sets seems to have made their lives tougher. Actor Pranitaa Pandit, who is currently seen in Kawach, recently did a live post on Instagram, when she was on her way to her shoot set in Naigaon. She got stuck in traffic and even walked for a few kilometres.

She says, “From Mira road, till fountain, it’s jam-packed because some ashram has been broken. So for that reason, people have blocked the road. It’s happening in the last two days. Yesterday also, it was the same but today it’s worse. I had an 8 am call time and even till 11 am, I was stuck at Mira road. That’s why I did an Instagram live and informed people about it. I was carrying my jogging shoes, so I wore them and started walking!” she says.

She adds, “The scenario is bad. But you just have to keep your calm and not get frustrated, otherwise, you will get really irritated.”

On being asked if she bumped into anyone, she says, “I bumped into Ishita Ganguly, who is my co-star only and she also joined my Insta live. The government should really do something about the traffic. Besides wasting everyone’s time, It increases their irritation level too.”

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