OMG!! Rannvijay and Prince get into a verbal spat

The politics and fight for immunity are often known to turn friends into foes on Roadies. However, an instance like this hasn’t really taken place between the gang leaders, but, in the upcoming episode of MTV Roadies Rising viewers will be privy to a heated verbal argument between two of the gang leaders, Rannvijay Singha and Prince Narula.
Rannvijay, who once was Prince’s mentor, now shares the same space with him and is a fellow gang leader. Rannvijay and Prince’s gang will be competing against each other along with other gangs in the upcoming episode. As the Roadies kick- started their journey, googly master, Harbhajan made his way to meet the contestants and brought about a twist along with him. He asked the googlies in each gang to compete against each other wherein they had to use the catapult to throw a ball on the fellow contestants and imbalance them as they stood on a narrow shaft of wood. During the task, a contestant from Prince’s gang, Varun was hit by a ball and in order to save himself from falling, he pushed Samar from Rannvijay’s gang into water. Seeing this, Rannvijay got extremely upset and asked Gaelyn to disqualify Prince’s gang. Listening to Rannvijay, Prince started arguing with him stating that it wasn’t Varun’s fault.
Commenting on the situation and addressing Prince’s gang member, Varun, Rannvijay said, “Prince and I had an argument because of you. Listen to the rules and regulations carefully. Some damage has already been done, we fought and we are feeling bad about it. keep it clean.”

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