Non-Muslim TV stars reveal their idea of celebrating Eid!

The holy month of Ramzan has come to an end, and it’s finally Eid. The magic of Eid brings lots of happiness and prosperity in our lives.
This auspicious festival is celebrated by millions of people around the globe. Not just Muslims but even Non-Muslims celebrate the auspicious festival with equal grandeur, and our TV celebs are no exceptions.
Read on to find out what your favourite TV actors have to say on Eid:
Abhishek Mallik: My mother is a ‘Sheikh’, so since childhood I’ve been celebrating Eid. We all gather and have lots of fun. As I’m a foodie, I just love all the Muslim dishes and we have super fun on Eid.
Kawar Dhillon: I don’t celebrate Eid, but yes I have a lot of Muslim friends and I get to eat all the delicious dishes they make. Biryani is my favourite. I want to wish all my Muslim friends and my fans Eid Mubarak.
Pooja Sharma: I have always seen festival of Eid as a festival of love and togetherness. That is the message and also the way to celebrate I think. I think one hardly hears of Eid being celebrated in isolation. I want to wish all my fans a happy and healthy Eid.
Nandish Sandhu: Eid is a festival of togetherness, and that’s what I do. I go meet my friends and attend Iftari parties with them. Like on Diwali, I don’t burst crackers and all, I go to meet my friends, spend time with them. Likewise, I see Eid as a day to meet and greet my friends and hog into their delicious dishes.
Rupali Ganguly: My Nani was a Muslim, so I used to receive Eidi as a child and Sheer Kurma used to be my favourite dish. Now that I have turned, vegan, I celebrate a Vegetarian Eid. My best friend is a muslim, so I celebrate Eid with her. I don’t go to Biryani parties or Iftaar parties now. Though the meaning of Eid has changed now for me, but the wishes and feelings are all same.
Jay Soni: Eid for me is having dinner with my Muslim friends. We have super fun eating various delicious dishes. My wife has designed a special outfit for me to wear for Eid.
Eid Mubarak to all of you!

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