Nimki to learn about her in-law’s vicious motives in Nimki Mukhiya

Mumbai: Some exciting sequences are coming your way in Star Bharat’s popular daily Nimki Mukhiya (Zama Habib).

In the recent episodes of the daily, we have seen how Nimki (Bhumika Gurung) is happily married to Babbu (Abhishek Sharma) and she is quite excited to lead a happily married life ahead but all her dreams will soon be shattered.

We hear that in the upcoming episodes, Nimki will be shocked to learn about his family’s real motive behind her marriage with Babbu. Anaro (Garima Vikrant Singh) will show her true face to Nimki and disrespect her.

On the other hand, Nimki will visit her maternal house for her ‘Pagphere’ ritual. She will lie about the bitter truth of her in-law’s place to her family members and make them happy.

How will Nimki deal with the truth at her in-law’s place? Well, that would be something interesting to watch out for.

What do you think of Nimki Mukhiya?

We tried but could not reach the actors for a comment.

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