Nalini Negi instructs watchmen to not let Preeti Rana enter building premises

Nalini Negi, who is known for the show Naamkarann, filed an FIR against her roommate Preeti Rana and her mother, Snehlata Rana, a few days back, at Oshiwara Police Station. She has accused the mother-daughter duo of beating her brutally when Nalini asked Preeti to vacate the house as former’s parents were visiting her. The actress also released some pictures, where she was seen badly bruised.

And now, according to a report, her roommate, Preeti Rana, had also filed a complaint against the actress, the very same night. Nalini told the portal, “All I know as an update is that the cops have recorded their statement and within 90 days they will submit the case in the court.”

When asked when Preeti filed the complaint, Nalini said, “When I was bleeding and taken to the hospital for a medical check-up, Preeti and her mother were in police station, filing a complaint against me which states that I instigated the violence. I have gone through the complaint copy which is baseless. Even if she says I instigated her, who has given them the right to hit me so badly and ruin my face, which is the source of my bread and butter? My medical almost took four-five hours and post that everything was clear hence police lodged my FIR or else they would have taken my report also as a complaint.”

Nalini further expressed that even though an FIR was filed against Preeti and her mother, nothing changed because Preeti continued arguing with Nalini, till the next day. “My FIR didn’t change their behaviour towards me. They are still not ready to accept that they are wrong or have any kind of regret on the matter. Next day, when Preeti came to pick up her other stuff, she was continuously talking about the incident and wanted me to react, so that I lose my temper. But I clearly told her I don’t want to talk about it and let’s go the legal way. In fact, I am still so shocked with the incident that I have asked my watchmen and the society members to not let her enter my premises. The mother-daughter duo is so harmful. Preeti is a struggling model and for her all these things are not big. But I am an established actor and I can’t stoop to her level. I am just waiting for the court proceedings start,” Nalini added.

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