“Me, Krishna and Dhruvi are food buddies as we are complete foodies”, says Aasiya Kazi

Sony SAB’s widely acclaimed historical fiction show, Tenali Rama has kept its audience hooked to the television screens with new and unexpected twists and turns. The show is packed with wit and humour where the viewers witness a beautiful bond between Bhaskar (Krishna Bharadwaj), Bhaskar’s mother, Sharda (Aasiya Kazi) and Bhaskar’s best friend, Kanta (DhruviJani).

While the trio is seen in different shades and roles as the camera starts rolling, but off-camera these three musketeers of Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama share the most unique bond.

Talking about his bond with Aasiya and Dhruvi, Krishna Bharadwaj said, “Dhruvi and Aasiya’s mothers are the sweetest as they without fail send food for me and it feels like home on the set. Also, I keep receiving gifts from Aasiya’s maasi who stays in Dubai as the kids are big fans of the show. I feel I admire both the ladies and shooting on the sets is a lot more fun with them around.

Sharing about the funniest moments on the sets, he said, “It is with Dhruvi, with whom I always joke around. Whenever Dhruvi and I are sharing a shot together, she looks at me and starts laughing. It isn’t just a normal laugh, it is the endless one. Sometimes she even forgets her lines while laughing. So, I pull her leg and tease her by saying “Ab hasna shuru karegi and scene me late ho jayega’.

Aasiya Kazi also added, “I have most of my scenes with Krishna and Dhruvi, so we always sit together on the set and catch up on everything that’s going on in our lives. We are mainly food partners and it is a thing that we have to eat lunch together. Our love for food connects us and we enjoy our lunch pe charcha. We also keep trying something new to eat whenever we get a chance.”

Dhruvi Jani commenting on her laughing spree and her rapport with the artists, said, “Krishna is a really good friend and his character has a comic element which always makes me laugh. Now Krishna and Aasiya have got used to this. In a way, Krishna adds laughter in my life and he has also been a great mentor to me. We all share a great bond but Aasiya and I have grown really close. She is my best friend on and off the set.”

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