Make The World Safe For A Girl’ says Srishti Srivastava in Girliyapa’s Girl’s Hostel

MUMBAI : Restrictions imposed on women in the society today, in the garb of rules has been an issue of debate for eons. Women and young girls have been fighting for their rights in every step whether it be at home or in their hostels. Right from ‘Don’t wear short skirts’ to ‘don’t go out in dark’; girls are subject to many of these, while boys casually move past it without even realizing such restrictions exists.

Girliyapa’s Girl’s Hostel is one such show that deals with the lives of 4 dynamic young women who are bound by an unlikely friendship. Essayed by AhsaasChanna, Simran Natekar, Srishti Srivastava and Parul Gulati; these four girls decide to lock horns with the system to get rid of the sexist curfew, which is only imposed on the girls’ hostel. They stand up for what they believe in and fight for the rights of stepping out of the campus round the clock bringing an end to gender discrimination.

Srishti Srivastava added, “Why can’t girls go out after 8.30pm? If the world is not safe then make it safe, stop keeping girls and women like prisoners in jail.”

Join the girls as they try to get people to move past these rules.

Tune in to Girliyapa’s Girl Hostel on Saturday, 5th August and join the tribe. #MerLifeMereRules.

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