Lucky’s absence to cause trouble in Badho’s life

With Prince Narula aka Lucky out on his Roadies journey, along with viewers, Badho (Rytasha Rathore) will also miss him in the coming episodes of &TV’s Badho Bahu.

The Sunny Side Up productions’ will see the family gearing up to celebrate Lucky’s birthday.

And Badho, who would be excited to make her husband happy will be seen planning to surprise him.

But they would be shocked to see him missing from home.

Shares a source, “The family while planning for the party will realise that Lucky is not at home. Badho, will then be blamed by Kareena (Ojasvi Oberoi) of driving him out of the house on his birthday.”

Awww…sad right?
Like always, the fiery lady will take it upon herself to find Lucky and will set out to hunt him.

With her getting information that he headed out with friends, she will follow suit only to get caught in a sticky situation with some goons.

What will happen to Badho? Will she manage to find Lucky or will she bear the taunts in the family of making Lucky’s life unbearable?

We could not reach the actors for a comment.

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