Learn who is jealous of newbie Eisha on the set of Ishq Ka Rang Safed


  1. vithu says:

    Swara Sanskar beautiful jodi !!!

  2. aditi says:

    What yaar frnds come on Atleast 17 like vote it was good episode plzz yaar chill and have paience an

  3. rony says:


  4. Mother love wins says:

    And it’s time to show for evils to see justice system of Indian law.

    And also Akhiraj should get

  5. tabo says:

    GoOD night FrndzZ
    misS U allll veryy veryyy much yr
    i hope we,ll talk soON
    insha Allah
    tc 🙂

  6. aditi says:

    Guys it was aaoge episode finally I sid is back Atleast there should be 97 like vote and comments c

  7. ibthasam says:


  8. Vini says:

    Talk to me

  9. amrita says:

    so sad but i liked it

  10. Amaica... says:

    Hello Kajal…Hope you enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

    Kris… Feeling sorry for her… Yea….t

  11. Noor says:

    What happened?