Krystle D’Souza happy with the success of her personal app

MUMBAI: TV actress Krystle D’Souza recently celebrated her APPIVERSARY in a very innovative manner. The actress who launched her personal app “Krystle D’Souza Official” to interact with her fans on a personal level was seen spreading joy with underprivileged kids! Krystle not only celebrated her one year app launch anniversary by cutting cake but also gifted autographed t-shirts with food-boxes.

Overwhelmed by the success of her app, Krystle says, “I think, they value celebration because we take everything for granted since we have so much in abundance but you know when you reach out to people just to try to make them happy, you try to get the laughter out of them and try to see smiles on their face. It honestly gives me a different kind of satisfaction and I know that this must have really made their day, they’ll go back, they’ll talk about it and it will last with them for a while.”

“I could have celebrated it in any other way but nothing could be as special as this day. I thought what better way to celebrate this baby with babies that really wanted to do something out of their lives and their career, they are so enthusiastic, they are so cute, I wanted to get my best way to get all the poems out in them and they were trying really hard to say something. I really feel that they really brighten up my day rather than me brightening up their day. This is exactly what I had planned,” she adds.

Asked how does she feel while connecting with her fans on a personal basis through the app, she shares, “Honestly, it feels amazing to have your own platform to get in touch with your fans because they do so much for you, this is the way you can give it back to them. When we used to do musical Mondays, Tasty Tuesdays, Thursday tips and a filmy Friday, it just felt like I was speaking to them on a one on one basis and now with the new upgrade, they speak back to me on a one on one basis with the pictures and the edits that they make.”

“I honestly feel that it’s an amazing platform to have because it’s my own, I don’t have to go through another platform to get in touch with them. It’s always on my phone, it’s always on it and it’s such a nice way to keep in touch with people that do so much for you, unconditionally,” she adds.

The actress feels amazing to interact with her fans on a daily basis.

She shares, “It feels amazing as the moment you put up a picture or video, there are so many people who are ready to say so many lovely things about you. It really uplifts my day and my mood. Their talks and the way they express it, gives me a lot of confidence. There are contests and there are so many people competing for the contest and it is so difficult to choose one person and only one person does not deserve to win and you feel that they are all on the app. They all just deserve to be there, they all deserve a prize, that’s how a contest works.”

“It just feels like I am trying to interact with them all, they get to see it, they get to choose it. It’s just one application that makes me connect with them, it feels amazing,” she concludes.

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