Kokila to be blamed for ‘FORGING’ Gopi’s pregnancy reports!

How excited are you to watch the chaotic high voltage drama?

The upcoming episodes of the Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya will be highly dramatic as Gopi’s truth about being pregnant or not will come forth in the family.

Gopi has received a shock of her life when she came to know that she is pregnant with Jaggi’s child, all thanks to Gaura.

While we all think that Gopi is not pregnant and that this is Gaura’s evil tactic, the upcoming episodes will drop in a galore of high voltage drama!

Paridhi will soon get hold of Gopi’s medical file which will read the latter’s pregnancy as positive. Paridhi will then break this news to the entire family leaving Gopi and Jaggi in shame.

But here, Urmila will turn a detective and will enter the Modi Bhavan with a hospital staff who was in charge of the pregnancy report and a florist (from whom the flowers were bought and sprayed chloroform on to make Jaggi and Gopi unconscious).

The hospital staff will inform that Gopi is not pregnant and that it was on Kokila’s request that the woman was injected an insulin which would report Gopi’s pregnancy positive. On the other hand, the florist will hold Urvashi responsible for introducing herself as Paridhi, buying the flowers and spraying chloroform on it!

So a lot is set to happen. Stay tuned for further updates!

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