I believe age is just a number: Meera Deosthale

Recently Mahesh Pandey’s popular show Vidya had a celebration on set. The lead actress of the show celebrated her birthday. Ask her about it and she will say, ”For me, birthday is a day to cherish the day with my mother. Because that was the day when she welcomed motherhood. It is as much her day as it is mine. You turned a year older and you look back and see what you have achieved and how you have grown. I believe age is just a number and the best example is my mother. She looks like my elder sister. She is 16 at heart and all my friends are her friends too. She likes to chill with me. She will cook all kinds of food for me. She even doesn’t mind joining me for a party as well. I have learned from her that the child within you should never die.”

Birthdays also come with rituals in every household. What about hers? ”My mother always performs a set of rituals on my birthday. One is to light up the number if Diyas according to my age and also donating clothes in an orphanage. I always spend my birthday with my mother. This year also I have worked for half a day and the rest of the day I was with my mom. I don’t party on my birthday. I party the next day with my friends. On the set, we cut a cake and the whole crew was singing songs for me. I felt very special. A little bit of wisdom I have asked from god and I want to buy a house for my mom so that should happen on my next birthday. Also, I want my near and dear ones to be happy and healthy and they should always be there with me. I don’t want to lose anyone.”

Speaking about her experience of working in Vidya Meera says,” So far the experience is enlightening. it’s a show which has a strong message on education. Every day on set there is a new experience, new learning, something new keeps happening every day. For an actor that’s the greatest takeaway.”

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