I am growing my hair for the role of Arjun: Kinshuk Vaidya

Presenting the never explored facet of epic war saga Mahabharat, Star Plus’ upcoming mytho-romance, Karn Sangini unravels the unheard love story of Karn, Uruvi and Arjun. Set against the backdrop of Mahabharat, Karn Sangini is a fictional story. It is the untold tale of Karn and his Sangini, Uruvi and showcases love story that transcends all class and social barriers!

Kinshuk Vaidya is thrilled to play the role of the greatest warrior of that era, Arjun. He is undergoing immense preparations to get into the skin of his character and one of them is him growing his hair.

Kinshuk says,” I am very excited to play the role of Arjun and have been building a lean body for my character. I loved my short hair but to do justice to my character as Arjun, I am growing my hair long, up to my shoulder because I want my look to be natural. I didn’t want to use wigs. I wanted to add my personal touch to it.”

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