He will survive cancer too: Debina Bonnerjee on her dear one suffering from cancer

MUMBAI: Television actress and lifestyle blogger Debina Bonnerjee is also a self-confessed animal lover. Debina’s home is a shelter for two adorable dogs, one of which, Lucky is adopted that was abandoned on the streets in her vicinity earlier.

Debina recently learned about Lucky suffering from cancer and is on a mission to fight it, ‘It took a day to sink in when we found out. Lucky’s paw is infected and I’m told it is a usual occurrence with dogs. He is a fighter who survived on the roads for months and now he will survive cancer too.’

The 10-year-old dog was adopted by Debina-Gurmeet two years ago. Debina shares a heartwarming story, ‘I think he found us rather than us finding him. A friend found him on the streets and had been feeding him for two months but when Lucky fell ill, my friend asked if I could go and help her. She said we could take some photos and put it up on social media, so that somebody could adopt him. But when I saw Lucky, I just fell in love with him and brought him home. Gurmeet and I took care of him but we realized, he was very unwell and couldn’t even stand properly. That’s when we realized we couldn’t give him away as he was a part of our family.’

Debina plans to create awareness about the illness in the animals. She says, ‘I am determined to find out as much as I can about animal hospitals and what can be done to help him. In Mumbai, the awareness about illness in animals is very limited. People didn’t know that an animal can also suffer from this illness.’

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