hatron Ke Khiladi 10: Amruta Khanvilkar feels that her co-contestant Adaa Khan is the “BRAVEST GIRL EVER”!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 is doing very well on television, as the show is topping the BARC charts, and there is no doubt that the show is quite entertaining and the stunts are really difficult ones to do.

As we have seen in the previous episodes the contestants are having a tough time completing the stunts while some calls quit at times, some have a complete breakdown. But all thanks to the host Rohit Shetty, who encourages the contestant to complete the stunts.

Amidst all this tough situation, the contests also know how to relax and have fun to keep their mind calm.

Recently, there was a task where Adaa Khan was supposed to perform with deadly scorpions all over her. While she managed to complete it quite successfully, she also had a scorpion bite. Adaa took to her
social media to share the video and also said that if you are scared of injections, the sting of scorpions is 100 times more and she bore it all! HEr co-contestant Amruta Khanvilkar took this opportunity to omment on her post that she is a brave girl.

We are sure not only Amruta but all her co-contestants, host Rohit Shetty and her fans are extrememly proud of her! Way to go Adaa!

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