Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: AJ hits Vikrant

The episode sees how everyone wakes up. Alisha is doing arti. Everyone is dazed. Guddan says Alisha, we are so happy. AJ says we are surprised. AJ says you will get everything from God. Alisha drops the arti on Guddan’s hand. AJ says careful Alisha. Guddan says it’s okay. Alisha says I don’t know how to handle it. I am sorry. Guddan says we are so happy. Alisha says you are all my family. She says to Laxmi and Durga you’re my bhabhis now. She says dadi, take arti from me. She collides with Vikrant. Vikrant says we hardly see kids doing arti these days. Such a good girl. He says I am to go for work. AJ says what work? He says have to go to find my love and marrying someone like your wife. Alisha says this isn’t your age to marry. Not everyone is lucky like papa. Guddan says I am sorry of her behalf. Vikrant says she is right. AJ says I am sorry. Vikrant says relax. He says the girl is coming with her family. Guddan says we are your family. Call them here. Vikrant says no, no. AJ says she is right. Call them here. Guddan says we will do all the arrangements.

The girl’s family come. AJ welcomes everyone. Vikrant comes inside in a bad condition. AJ says what happened? What are these bruises on yoru face? He says I am coming. He goes to his room. Dadi says let Vikrant come, the will talk. I really like your girl. Vikrant refreshes and comes back. AJ says what happened? He says we will talk later. AJ says she is beautiful. Vikrant says I am okay with this proposal. The girl says so am I. Guddan says let’s prepare for the wedding them. Alisha comes inside, she is bruised and in a bad condition as well. Guddan says Alisha what happened? AJ says what happened? What are these bruises? Alisha hugs Guddan and cries. Everyone is worried. Guddan says what happened? Alisha is crying. Guddan says tell us who did this? AJ covers her torn clothes with his coat. AJ says who dared to touch you. Tell me. I will kill him. Alisha points at Vikrant. He is dazed. He says what? I didn’t do this. The girl’s family leave. Vikran says this is a misunderstanding. He says no we can’t marry our daughter to a disgusting man like you. Vikrant says Alisha is your daughter, you know me. Alisha says he said I made fun of him and he said I called him an old man. So he would take revenge now. AJ says I will kill you Vikrant. Alisha faints. AJ takes Alisha to room. He calls doctor. He sees Alisha’s phone and sees photos of Vikrant trying to force Alisha.

AJ hits Vikrant. Vikrant says this is a lie. I didn’t do this. AJ says I saw the photos. Is she lying? Guddan and Durga see all the photos. AJ beats Vikrant. Alisha stops Guddan. She says you won’t go anywhere. How would it happen that I want to do? Guddan is dazed. AJ hits Vikrant with a belt. He says let me speak. Alisha says Vikrant didn’t do anything. He was saving me from the thugs I called myself. Alisha staged thugs who were trying to misbehave with her. Vikrant saw that and started beating them. He asked Alisha if she is okay. He gave her dupatta back. Alisha hugged him. His thugs took the photos. Guddan says so Vikrant didn’t do anything? Alisha says no I staged all that. He only saved me but got trapped himself.

AJ says you are stain on friendship. I will kill you today. AJ keeps beating him. DAdi says he will die please stop. Vikrant faints. Guddan says why did you do this Alisha? She says you burned my mom. You killed her, so I had to take my revenge. Guddan says you only know half truth. and he is an innocent man. Alisha says don’t do this drama. You killed my mom. I will ruin your life. Go save him. Guddan runs downstairs. Guddan says where is AJ? Everyone is sitting worried. Guddan says where is Vikrant? Dadi says in jail.

AJ caresses Alisha and says I am sorry. I couldn’t see truth of my own friend. I couldn’t protect you. Alisha pretends to wake up and shouts. AJ hugs her and says I am always with you. Vikrant will be punished for what he did. I will not leave him. Please get fresh. Let’s eat. AJ makes Alisha eat. Dadi says he gave such pain to my daughter. He will go to hell. Durga says yes he will rot in hell. AJ says no one will take her name or talk about this incident. Saru says she ruined a life for her mission. I will make sure he lives rest of his life behind bars. Vikrant comes in. He says AJ.. Alisha says he came again. AJ says how dare you? How dare you to enter this house. You are a culprit. He says I am bailed. AJ says who dared to bail you out? Guddan says I did. Everyone is shocked.

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