Goddess Parvati to leave Kailash in Colors’ Mahakaali

Within a week of its launch, COLORS’ mythological offering Mahakaali: Anth Hi Aarambh Hai has already created waves with its larger-than-life canvas and grandeur-laden storyline. Delving into the pages of Indian mythology, the show captures Goddess Parvati’s (Pooja Sharma) life and struggles as she accepts her fate as the merciless Maa Kaali. And, helping her along this journey is her husband,Mahadev (Sourabh Raaj Jain). This weekend, viewers are in for another mind-blowing twist with a confused Goddess Parvati deciding to move out of Kailash!
After Mahakaali defeats Rakht Bheej and the rest of Shumbh and Nishumbh’s Asur army, she will go on a violent rampage as she destroys everything in her path and causes havoc in the universe. To stop her from causing further damage, Mahadev will lie down in Mahakaali’s path – causing her to accidentally step on his chest. Realizing her mistake, Mahakaali will begin to calm down and transform back into Parvati. A guilt-driven Parvati will question Mahadev about being kept in the dark about her Mahakaali form.
What will Mahadev’s response be? Will Parvati accept her Mahakaali avatar?

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