Girls go bald on India’s Next Top Model

The third season of India’s Next Top Model is turning out to be one tough ride for the girls. As the contestants prepare themselves for the unexpected, they get to know that the road to modeling isn’t that easy after all! Girls are taken by surprise as their mentor, Anusha Dandekar throws open a challenge to the girls in the upcoming episode where she asks them to go bald.
Yes, you heard it right! Anusha asked the girls to chop off their beautiful mane. While some girls took the challenge head on, others really lost their cool on listening to Anusha.

A source close to the sets said, “The girls were shocked out of their wits when Anusha asked them to go bald. We did expect the girls to be surprised, but we thought that they will take this pretty well. However, this didn’t go down well with a lot of them. These girls need to toughen up!”
Wonder what the future has in store for the model featuring on the show.

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