Gangaa confesses her ‘LOVE’ to Sagar!

It’s time for some romance now!

&TV’s Gangaa will now see some romance brew between Gangaa and Sagar in the show.

As of now, Gangaa is busy teaching Krishna how to talk using the sign language given the fact that she is dumb. Sagar, also, is trying his best to make the child feel special and efficient by gifting her a tablet mobile so that she can type and communicate with people without any problems.

In the upcoming episodes, Gangaa will be seen confessing her love to Sagar!

Excited much?

Gangaa will reminisce about the moments she spent with Sagar and while thinking about the same she will get into a daydreaming zone where she will confess her love to Sagar holding sindoor in her hand! Sagar, through probable telepathy, will end up right in front of her and Gangaa will happen to drop the sindoor. The track will lead to some romantic bonding between the duo with Sagar helping Gangaa put the sindoor back in place.

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