Casting couch woes compel Mustazibullah Shaikh to open ‘Cast Machine’

Mumbai: Casting couch is a prevailing practice that has been part of the entertainment industry for some time now. While time and again many have spoken about it, only few take actions against it. Casting Director, Mustazibullah Shaikh has thought of doing something to eradicate the deep-rooted evil practice.

The young personality has been credited for casting for big shows like Jamai Raja, Manmarziyaan, Yeh Hai Aashiqui and many more. Shaikh has now started his own casting company called Mustazib ‘Cast Machine.’

After his five years long journey in the TV industry, the casting director, started his own firm a year ago. For the first time, the man comes out and talks about his organization, in a conversation with businessvoip. “I thought of keeping it low profile since I wanted to do some credible work, then come out in open and talk about it,” he starts. In the span of just a year he and his company have done three films, TV episodic and commercials. Interestingly, the casting company will soon have a branch opened in Jharkhand after being in Mumbai, this is something which rarely occurs.

On inquiring about the reason behind him opening Cast Machine, as he fondly calls it, Mustazib has a valid reason to share. “Since childhood I was very particular of my name. I always wanted to work for my name. For me name is everything. This stubbornness in me, made me start the Cast Machine.”

This is not the only reason behind the company’s birth. He reveals that the real motive behind opening the company was to hunt for real talent and eradicate the practice of casting couch. “There’s so much of corruption in the industry. Casting couch is so prevalent these days. Everyone is suffering through it. Then there’s paid casting. To eradicate all of this I wanted to start a company that will be sans all of this. I have seen many struggling actors moving from their hometown and getting trapped in the dirtiness of casting couch. I want the real talents to blossom.”

Furthermore, the USP of the casting firm is that unlike others, the directors don’t take auditions in enclosed studios. “We are doing something different here. We don’t just take auditions behind the closed doors. We go out in the real locations to hunt actors. To get the finest talents we stick to realistic auditions.”

Mustazib who is also fondly called as Mr. Casting shares how for certain roles, he and his team have shot on real locations like building, café and such.

The young lad who had a strenuous journey from Dhanbad, the coal capital, likes to stay away from parties and socializing. “I don’t like much people from the industry. They often ask me about my absence from clubs and parties, but I would like to spend more time at my place. I know people who have been sweet to me but jealous of my company and journey,” he concludes.

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