Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta wins the Padosis’ hearts, prepares scrumptious exotic dish

The Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss commenced last night amidst great pomp, splendour and show. All the contestants were introduced to the country before being initiated into the glass walled mansion designed by filmmaker Omung Kumar.
The four padosis (neighbours) already gave the country a sneak peak into the kind of ordeal they would be hurling on to the house inmates. And the nightmare has already begun. We got a hang of the kind of muck the contestants will be spilling on to each other right from the entry of some of the participants.
For instance, controversial producer Vikas Gupta who made headlines due to his alleged gay relationship with Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan fame actor Parth Samthaan and their bitter break up where both the parties were seen mudslinging at each other; was at loggerheads with co-contestant Shilpa Shinde, for a muddled up past when Vikas was heading the channel that accused the Bhabhiji fame actress Shilpa Shinde to be notorious, boisterous, ill-mannered and to be demanding a hike in her fee even when her contract barred her from doing it. Shilpa had refuted the claims vehemently but that could not do much to stop her much hyped egress from the show.
Now we hear, the Padosis who are well aware of the raw nerves of the contestants have pledged to make their lives a living hell. In a bid to do begin with it, they demanded lunch from the inmates. It all started with a verbal spat with Vikas over the telephone. Gupta was pretty irked with the tone of one of the Padosis and the way he ordered for lunch, Vikas stated point blank “if you call yourself a ‘padosi’ please behave like one.” However, he was gracious enough to forget the tittle-tattle and made them a scrumptious and exotic egg-fruit salad with chopped banans, kiwis and apples all added to a large bowl with grated fresh ginger on top and a fresh lime zest for some added zing.
It was a delight for the padosis who gorged on the mouth-watering delicacy and loved every bit of it. They were later filled with praises and adulation for the cook in Vikas!
congratulates Vikas Gupta for keeping his calm and passing the task of sorts with flying colours. At this moment, we all are reminded of the video testimonies by his friends from the industry which was aired before his entry into the BB mansion, where everyone stated, Vikas is creative, lovable, gracious and he knows the art of winning hearts.
For the audience, this is just the beginning, there are three full months to go. You have to wait and watch whether this is actually him or there are viscious traits in him waiting to spill out of his bag!

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